Take On Important Decisions for Loved Ones Who Can't

Set up a conservatorship in Santa Ana or Orange, CA

Conservatorships exist to protect and manage the finances of legal adults who, for any number of reasons, are unable to manage their assets and make decisions alone. Most conservators are family members or close friends of the person needing guidance. The courts typically choose someone from this list, in order of decreasing importance:

  • The conservatee's spouse
  • Their adult children
  • Their parents
  • Their siblings
  • A public guardian

If your family member needs someone to make decisions on their behalf, consider becoming their legal conservator. Call 714-767-3504 today to speak with an attorney at the Law Office of Robert Livingston Bullock about the process.

What type of conservatorship is best for you?

You may appoint a conservator who manages decisions solely related to an estate or someone to manage all types of decisions, including matters of the conservatee's health. Speak with a lawyer at Law Office of Robert Livingston Bullock in Santa Ana or Orange, California about which option is best for your situation.