There Are Two Sides to Every Civil Case

Defend your side with a professional civil law attorney in Orange, CA

Sometimes the only way to settle a civil dispute is through legal action. Whether you are seeking compensation from a negligent party or defending your assets from false accusations, rely on the experienced civil attorneys at the Law Office of Robert Livingston Bullock. With years of experience representing clients during civil law issues in Orange, CA, our civil law attorneys will work to get the best possible outcome. Call our legal office in Orange, CA, today for civil law disputes involving:

  • Debt collection/debt defense
  • Unlawful detainer
  • Landlord/tenant litigation
  • Contract creation and review
  • Breach of contract
  • Property damage

We understand there are two sides to every civil law dispute. Defend your side and resolve civil issues in Orange, CA, with legal representation from the Law Office of Robert Livingston Bullock. Call today for a free initial consultation regarding civil law issues in Orange, CA.